Livealytics now part of Kext’s service portfolio

We are happy to announce that all livealytics services are now exclusively distributed through Kext.  


What does this mean? All livealytics services that have so far been offered to customers directly are now part of Kext’s service portfolio. Simon Tuck, the co-founder of livealytics, has joined Kext and will ensure the seamless integration of the services and the personal contact to all existing and new customers. Marco Eberhard, former chairman, will support Kext as a business advisor and contribute with his relevant experience and network.  


What did we do during the Pandemic? 

The Covid-19 Pandemic has been discussed back and forth in the last couple of months. It has brought in-person events and the live marketing industry to a standstill. However, livealytics used this time to expand the service portfolio to – for example – help retailers manage their customer flows or tapped into new data sources such as cameras, RFID tags, and others to generate new insights around footfall analytics.  

These efforts recently turned into the first new exciting customer projects with brands such as Migros’s SportXX, Rivella, or the Street Art Festival in Chur. 

Kext is the perfect fit for helping livealytics to grow further. A strong and experienced sales and service structure combined with a tech-savvy team of developers makes Kext the ideal partner to expand the reach of livealytics across all relevant markets.