livealytics helps in the transformation of Avesco Rent agency

Avesco Rent has transformed one of its construction site equipment rental agencies with the help of measurements and analysis provided by livealytics. Using our analysis for renovation and remodelling is a first for us.

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In Echandens, one of Avesco Rent's twenty Swiss branches reopened after a five-week transformation. The goal for the Caterpillar representative in Switzerland was to offer a more modern agency but also to completely redesign the customer experience to today's standards.

In order to keep the merchandising display up-to-date, a decision was made to digitise everything and make the catalogue available on a large touch screen. Similar to the process for returning rental machines, this is done with a tablet to simplify and speed up the process. This transformation is part of an Avesco Rent digitisation project that started three years ago. livealytics was given the task of providing support for the digitisation process.

What did livealytics do?

Three months before the start of the renovation, livealytics installed five sensors inside and outside the agency in order to measure engagement in strategic areas. As part of the renovation and redesign walls were knocked down to drastically transform the agency's environment. One of our objectives was to measure the movement of clients throughout the agency in order to validate and document the effect and benefits of the transformation. We did this by configuring our sensors to measure the flow of visitors in three areas: the outside of the agency, the unofficial entrance to the agency workshop, and the main entrance of the agency (see image below). livealytics visitor flow analysis measured and visualised the percentage of individuals passing through each of these points. Furthermore, the visualisation is interactive. And by focussing on individual entry points the impact of the remodelling effort becomes immediately apparent.


What did livealytics achieve?

We were able to document that the redesign achieved its desired objective. Customers are spending more time in the new visitor area. Furthermore, we were able to uncover previously unrecognized peaks in the weekly visitor traffic. Thanks to our analysis of the visitor flow, Avesco Rent was not only able to corroborate the beneficial influence of the renovation but also gained valuable insights for the post-renovation process.

What next?

This experience has allowed livealytics to learn many lessons. As the sensor was not initially designed for this type of measurement, we realised that the technology was perfectly suited to this type of project. 

Live and learn

After the successful pilot project in Echandens Avesco Rent is reviewing a roll-out of the solution in Switzerland. For us, the opportunity to work for Avesco Rent has been an invaluable experience. Although we have been using our technology to aid in the optimisation of retail spaces we had not considered its application to actual renovation work. We're excited that this has opened up a new opportunity for livealytics and we're open for business!

Article published in AGEFI (French)

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