"lifelong learning" at the Digital Day Switzerland

Visit the Swiss Digital Day on Tuesday, 3rd of Sept. 2019, with talks, discussions, expos, and start-up pitches at over 12 locations across Switzerland.
swiss digital day

The third national Digital Day will be on Tuesday, 3 September 2019, with talks, discussions, stage shows, start-up pitches, expos and courses at over 12 locations across Switzerland. The goal of Digital Day is to make digitalisation a tangible experience, highlight its opportunities and challenges, and encouraging in-depth discussion. 

This year's main topic is "lifelong learning"If you have the opportunity, visit! You can find a list of talks, themes, locations, and partners here.

Shameless plug: As an official partner, we have been working with the Digital Day event since it began in 2017 and will be present at 8 locations throughout Switzerland this year.