Introducing the livealytics platform

Now live marketers can collect data and evaluate the performance of their brand activities: Say hello to the livealytics platform – A one-stop solution for collecting and analysing data for a range of activities from product displays to gala events and retail stores.
livealytics dashboard overview

Why we're launching the platform

In today's tech-driven advertising landscape, live marketers are facing real challenges to provide meaningful data for decision making. From the very beginning, we at livealytics, have wanted to provide a simple toolkit to collect and analyse the data experiential marketers need to manage and optimise their marketing spend. Over the past two years, that vision has gained traction – our client list grew by 400% in 2019. That's where the livealytics platform comes in. The application focuses on equipping brand managers with the tools they need to measure engagement in the real world.

Benefits of the platform

Analytics for experiential marketers

Metrics and KPIs are standardised and comparable across individual activities and entire campaigns.


Convenient set up of campaigns and measurements

A central feature of the platform is to make the set-up, configuration and management of live marketing activities easy and accessible. Typical activity types, such as product demos, display windows or retail spaces, have recommended settings that can be fine-tuned.


Manage and monitor sensors for data collection

Sensors for collecting data are managed directly from the platform. If required, users can conveniently order additional sensors straight from the app.


Compare performance across activities and with competitors


Am I pulling more engagement than my competitors?
Are my activities delivering the same performance?
Did my marketing activity drive additional engagement?

Much like digital marketers use Google Analytics and similar tools, experiential marketers can use these insights to check performance against competitors and, when making future decisions, increase sales and optimise profitability.

What's next?

All you need to get started is an account and a sensor. After that, you can start running your campaign measurements. Try out the platform today. Have a look at our product page, schedule a call or drop us a line.