Case Study: Street Art Festival Chur 2021

The Street Art Festival in Chur was held on the weekend of 19/20 June 2021. livealytics performed footfall measurements and provided the organizers with accurate data on visitor frequency.
street art festival chur

On the weekend of 19/20 June, the second edition of the open-air art event Street Art Festival Chur took place. More than 50 urban artists from all over Switzerland were invited to Chur, who used various walls spread throughout the city as huge open-air canvases. Amongst them was a 170m long wall on the busy Ringstrasse, on which 33 artists sprayed their graffiti.


During the 2-day festival, livealytics offered the organisers its support in the field of visitor frequency measurement.

livealytics specialises in analytics solutions in the field of visitor frequency measurement and people counters (Find out more about footfall analytics).

The focus of the measurements was placed on the 170m long graffiti wall on the Ringstrasse as well as on the Infopoint. Several WiFi sensors were installed at these locations.

WiFi sensors are people counters that collect data on visitor frequency by collecting anonymous smartphone data from visitors. WiFi-enabled smartphones send out a ping when they search for nearby WiFi networks. WiFi sensors detect these pings and can determine where a smartphone and its owner are currently located depending on the signal strength. WiFi sensors do not collect personal data and are therefore GDPR compliant. (Learn more about different measurement methods).

funnelBased on the factors of distance and length of stay, WiFi sensors determine whether a person falls under the category of "Opportunity, Views, or Visitors".  

Instead of only focusing on how many people visited the Street Art Festival Chur, the livealytics measurement method offers various other key figures on visitor behaviour. The focus is primarily on the comparability of data, whether from different locations or from day-to-day. This allows the user to make data-based decisions for optimising the programme, layout, etc.

With the data collected by the livealytics WiFi sensors, the organisers of the Street Art Festival gained data-based insights into how many people had visited the festival, how long people spent at a graffiti on average, when the peak visit times were, as well as an overview of the distribution of the number of visitors throughout the day.



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