Case Study: Rivella Snowball Champ

Rivella held the Snowball Champ in various Swiss ski resorts in February and March 2021. In partnership with Promotion-Tools, livealytics performed measurements and provided Rivella with accurate data on visitor frequency.
Snowball Champ

The Snowball Champ is a live marketing activation by Rivella in various partner ski resorts, where participants can compete in snowball throwing. The faster a participant throws the snowball, the higher his/her chances of winning different prices.

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The Snowball Champ took place over two days in different Swiss ski resorts. While Promotion-Tools was responsible for the implementation of the Snowball Champ, livealytics offered its support in the area of footfall measurement.

livealytics is specialized in analytics solutions in the field of footfall analytics and people counting (Learn more about footfall analytics). In cooperation with Promotion-Tools, one WiFi sensor was installed per Snowball Champ activation.

WiFi sensors collect visitor frequency data by collecting anonymous smartphone data from visitors. WiFi-enabled smartphones send out a ping when searching for nearby WiFi networks. WiFi sensors detect these pings and can determine where a smartphone and its owner are currently located depending on the signal strength. WiFi sensors do not collect personal data and are therefore GDPR compliant. (Learn more about different measurement methods).

funnel rates

Based on the factors distance and time, WiFi sensors determine whether a person falls under the category of opportunity, viewer, visitor, or interaction.  

 Instead of focusing on absolute numbers – how many people participated in the Snowball Champ – the measurement method of livealytics allowed a focus on comparability and conversion rates. For example, it was possible to determine what proportion of people who were in the vicinity of the Snowball Champ actually took part in it.

With the data collected by the livealytics WiFi sensors, Rivella gained data-based insights into how many people they had reached with the Snowball Champ, how the different locations had performed in comparison to each other, as well as an overview over the distribution of the number of visitors throughout the day.