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Cloud Counter helps business & the public sector comply with regulatory guidelines and build confidence with customers and employees during the relaxation.
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Over the past weeks, safety has been our top priority. While working from home (#wfh), we've developed a safe occupancy solution to help business reboot. Meet the Cloud Counter. Health and safety are top of mind as the economy reopens. Cloud Counter allows businesses and the public sector to comply with regulatory guidelines and build confidence with people, customers, and employees during the relaxation. The system has a few key features. 

Firstly, It's flexible and adaptable. Companies and governments can use existing technology or install new counting solutions. Integrated systems stream occupancy data our platform. A simple traffic light system that runs on tablets, smart TVs, and digital signage provides real-time safe capacity tracking. Also, alerts can be individually configured to notify personnel when capacity is close to full or full. Working closely with our developer team at #Axelra, we have implemented a robust, secure, and anonymous interface for capacity data. That makes Cloud Counter a good fit for different use cases. We provide solutions for retail spaces with single or multiple entrances and exits, shopping malls with different floors, DIY markets, fitness studios, hospitality and system catering, casinos, public sports facilities, museums, galleries, and theme parks.

Secondly, it's simple. We built the service to make it easy to install and maintain. Together with our partner #Expomobilia, we can offer a full range of services including a "corona projective measures catalogue", and we can scale quickly and efficiently.

And last but not least, We understand that the lockdown and the associated uncertainty have made it harder for many companies to invest in new infrastructure. That's why Cloud Counter has been developed "as a service" with a flexible and transparent monthly fee. Expensive investments in new hardware or sizable initial cash outlays are not necessary to get started.

We are sure that Cloud Counter can help you get back to business. Please contact us for an individual offer. We can start a rollout throughout Europe within a few days...

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